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Magneto Electric Motor
Aim of company is to do energy conservation in all over the world so we have to start our effort to launch new product in driving machine that will be good product, with good efficiency, with good energy saver & long life.

After long time of effort we have to carry our very extremely product in market in new manner that is Magneto Electric Motor.
Magneto electric motor have it's main benefit is it do very much energy saving than other motor like (Induction, DC & AC Motor).
Magneto electric motor consumes 0.5 KW /hour with compare with induction, DC & AC motor & it is very less. (Induction, DC & AC Motor consume around 1kw/hour) so it is 50% of power saving by magneto electric motor.
Magneto electric motor have less maintenance than other motor because of its have patented anti cog magnets instead of field stator winding.
Magneto electric motor having very soft start & smooth operation.
  Practical Table
AC Induction Motor
DC Field Motor
Magneto Electric Motor
It consumes 1.0 kw / hour
It consumes around 1.25 kw / hour
It consumes 0.50 kw / hour
It consumes 0.5 kw / hour
It consumes 0.75 kw / hour
It consumes 0.25 kw / hour
It consumes 0.30 kw / hour
It consumes 0.45 kw / hour
It consumes 0.15 kw / hour