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Motor Testing
 Load Testing
We have a full fledged testing facility at our factory which includes eddy current type dynamometer. This enables to check the motor performance under actual load conditions, verify horse power and efficiency of motor. Each and every motor tested on dynamometer and HP/ efficiency is verified.
 Commutator Testing
We are using Commutator testing
Test 1
Testing the shorting Segment to segment (Bar). In this test the Commutator will be rotated on motor drive and 500 V AC will be applied between the 2 segments. If the current exceeds say 50 micro Amps. the voltage will be disconnected and the motor will stop at the same time. The location of the Pins will give the fault location. Incase there is no fault observed the sequential timer will start the next test.
Test 2
Testing breakdown test between bush and segment (bar). Once the test 1st is passed the motor will continue to rotate the Commutator. 1500 Volt will be applied between Bar and Bush. (Bush at ground potential) Incase there is a failure, motor will stop and give the location of the fault otherwise it will give pass indication on Lamp provided and motor will be stopped after one rotation is complete giving test over signal.
 Surge Comparison Tester
Surge Comparison Tester is an advanced electronic instrument which is used to test armature windings to know if there is any fault or insulation defect. A successful test ensures that the quality of the winding is good.