Overseas Customers
We welcome enquires from all locations around the world, and have exported to most countries from our starting year of trading, you can contact our sales desk via, phone, Fax, email, or our online enquiry form. We look forward to your enquiry.
    Telephone : +91-79-26574493/ 40099535
    Fax : +91-79-26405193
    Email : info@pmdcindia.com
    Enquiry : Online enquiry form
All prices quoted are net prices in US dollar (Quotation is also available in other currency on request).This is our Ex-factory price and we also quote FOB and CIF price as buyer’s requirement.
All certificates and documents are available upon request.
  Payment Methods
For Export payment term is negotiable.
  You choose the method of delivery
Shipping charges will be added to the invoice value. On request, we also forward by international carrier specified by you.
Please note that the total shipping charges are calculated based on the total weight and volume of all the items on your order.
  Please let us know if you want standard or express delivery. Forwarding costs are based on the current price lists of the appointed forwarding agent.